Punjabi singer 'Kaka' making a splash in YouTube

Jan 13 2021 02:00 PM
Punjabi singer 'Kaka' making a splash in YouTube

Punjabi singer Kaka is in discussions these days. People are liking and listening his songs these days. He shared a song on YouTube in the year 2019. His songs were fiercely loved by the people. Kaka sang and became famous for many songs such as Libaas, Tijhi seat, Dhur Pendi, Tenu ni Khabaran. Today, he has become the new star of the Punjabi music industry. Within a year, Kaka's popularity has been very high.

Most of his songs are viewed by millions of people. The most surprising thing is that Kaka has achieved this success without the help of a production company. He has hoisted the flag on his own. Kaka is 26 years old and was born at Chandadmamra in Punjab. He studied from a government school till 12th and then he completed BTech. His father is a mason. Kaka, however, was fond of singing Punjabi folk songs from the 5th class, and his hobby has brought him to this place today. He does not only sing but also writes songs.

On Tuesday itself, a song has been released called Ignore. This song is going to have two million viewers in just one day. Earlier, Kaka's song, The Song Of The Great, was also very popular. He started his career in the year 2019, but he had received fame from his songs Tijhi seat in 2020. After this, his song Libaas is also in discussions these days. Kaka can become a big star in the Punjabi music industry in the coming time.

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