Putin informs the African leaders Moscow is examining their peace plan for Ukraine
Putin informs the African leaders Moscow is examining their peace plan for Ukraine

St. petersburg: Russian President Vladimir Putin engaged in talks with African leaders on Friday, expressing Russia's careful consideration and respect for their peace proposal concerning Ukraine. The proposal, presented to both President Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky last month, did not receive a warm response from either leader.

President Zelensky rejected the idea of a cease-fire that would leave Russia in control of a significant portion of Ukraine while providing Russian forces with time to regroup. In response, President Putin initially welcomed the proposal but also used the opportunity to highlight several grievances Russia had against Ukraine and the West.

During the summit's second day, President Putin announced Russia's interest in expanding military cooperation with African nations and offering some weaponry to them free of charge. He also expressed Moscow's commitment to becoming a more active partner with African law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

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In addition to bolstering security ties, Russia is looking to increase its food supplies to Africa, which includes providing free grain shipments that were announced the previous day. President Putin assured that Russia would remain a dependable food supplier while simultaneously boosting its agricultural exports.

Furthermore, President Putin mentioned that Russia had written off a substantial $23 billion debt, although he did not specify the time frame or list the countries involved in this debt relief initiative.

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The discussions between Russia and African leaders indicate a growing interest in enhancing cooperation and engagement across various sectors, from peace initiatives in Ukraine to military collaboration and food trade. As the summit progresses, both parties are exploring opportunities for strengthening ties and fostering mutually beneficial partnerships in the future.

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