Putin intends to invade Ukraine on February 16th

According to the Daily Mail, Russia is going to attack Ukraine on February 16, according to a credible intelligence report, and US President Joe Biden has scheduled a phone meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Saturday to try to avoid conflict.

According to the German daily Der Spiegel, the US Secret Service, CIA, and Pentagon have received intelligence on a "very precise" invasion plan for February 16.

According to the Daily Mail, the ideas were handed on to Biden's government and reviewed in a series of covert briefings with NATO partners. They are reported to contain detailed routes that individual Russian units could travel, as well as details on what roles they could play in the conflict.

According to Der Speigel, the US is considering making the plans public in order to derail them. The White House confirmed that Biden and Putin will speak by phone today about the issue, only hours after tens of thousands of Britons and Americans were told to leave Ukraine while they still could as tensions reached a breaking point.

The warning came amid fears that Putin may launch a "aerial bombardment" of Kiev, perhaps killing a large number of civilians.

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