This cruel ruler got 605-page Quran written with his own 26 liters of blood
This cruel ruler got 605-page Quran written with his own 26 liters of blood

You all must know Saddam Hussain. It is such a name that usually shows the image of a dictator in the mind. Yes and such a dictator who was very cruel. Let us tell you that many stories related to his cruelty have also been written, which all of you must have read. But it is not that he was just cruel, but some people also considered him as the Messiah. It is said that he had great faith in religion. Not only this but he was very fond of building luxurious mosques. It is said that a mosque in Iraq built by Saddam Hussain is very special.

In fact, the Quran in this mosque has been written with the blood of Saddam Hussain. According to a report that surfaced, during his tenure, Saddam Hussain had ordered a Quran to be written in blood instead of ink. Yes and for this Saddam Hussain got 26 liters of his blood taken out in three years. During that time every week, a nurse used to take blood from Saddam's body. With this, the other team started writing Quran with this blood. At the same time, after many days of hard work, this Quran of 605 pages could be written with the blood of Saddam Hussain, and this Quran is still there in a glass frame to be shown to the people. Let us tell you that different stories are prevalent about the Quran written with blood.

Joseph Sassoon, director of the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University in America, is said to have presented this Quran to Saddam at a big event. Then Saddam said that he had presented it as a tribute by getting it written with his own blood. With this, some people believed that his son had survived the 1996 war. In such a situation, he had written it with blood to thank God.

It is said that Saddam Hussain, the dictator who was considered fearless, and who got thousands killed, had a very bad condition in his last days. He was always in fear that someone might kill him. Yes, and the cook's son used to check whether the food that came in front of him was poisoned or not.

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