R Madhavan starts chanting Gayatri Mantra next to a man offering Namaz at the airport
R Madhavan starts chanting Gayatri Mantra next to a man offering Namaz at the airport

New Delhi: Netflix series Decoupled remains in the headlines on social media these days. The show is getting both positive and negative reactions. In this series, actors R Madhavan and Surveen Chawla are in lead roles in the show. R Madhavan plays the lead character of the show Arya Iyer. Recently a video clip of the show surfaced. In it, Madhavan is seen attempting some stretching exercises in a prayer hall at the Delhi airport.


In this scene, Arya Iyer, a successful novel writer, suffers from a backache, so he looks for a free space to do stretching exercises. Meanwhile, he moves to a 'prayer room' at the Delhi airport. There, another middle-aged man is offering Namaz in the room. When Madhavan starts his stretching exercises, the man gets irritated. He interrupts his namaz and tells Arya that this is the prayer room and not the exercise room. Madhavan tells him that his back is hurting a lot. That's why he is stretching them before boarding the flight. Madhavan tries hard to convince the man, but he backs down and clearly tells Madhavan that he cannot do stretching exercises in the prayer room. Not only this, the person offering Namaz also complains to the airport employee. After which the staff tells R Madhavan that he cannot exercise here, this room is only for prayer. As soon as the staff says so, Madhavan starts doing his stretching exercises while chanting the Gayatri Mantra.

Seeing this, the person praying becomes enraged, but now he could not stop them even if he wanted to, nor could he say that Madhavan (Arya) is not 'praying'. In the series, a man offering prayers is shown getting irritated throughout the flight. He keeps on arguing with Madhavan and also misbehaves with an air hostess. The series Decoupled is written by columnist and writer Manu Joseph. Renowned writer Chetan Bhagat also appears in many scenes in the series. The 8-episode series is about renowned writer Arya Iyer and his wife Shruti, who is also a successful professional. After falling in love, the couple is contemplating a divorce. The series revolves around the author's quest for life in Gurgaon and the neighbourhood. At the same time, it is also shown that the author has frequent clashes with every person he meets.

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