Madhavan couldn't Questions Raised On Faith, Answered Trollers From a Post!
Madhavan couldn't Questions Raised On Faith, Answered Trollers From a Post!

Bollywood's R Madhavan is currently falling prey to user comments. A recent photo of him showing him tying a rakhi with his son has come to light. But that's where users started trolling them and commenting directly on the opposite. Madhavan, on the other hand, did not keep quiet, but he has responded with a lot of helplessness and stopped speaking of his trolls.

This caused R. Madhavan to get rakhi tied from his son, the reason will make you shocked!

Actually, something similar happened when a female Twitter user tried to question the actor's faith. Madhavan posted a photo of him on August 15, in which he appears to be sitting with his family. He shared this photo after completing the ritual involving Rakhi Bandhan and Avani Aittam. During Avani Aittam, Brahmins exchange their Janeu. It was liked by many and some rejected it.

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A female user questioned Madhavan's faith. She zoomed in on this photo of the actor, highlighting the cross (symbol of the Christian religion) in the back of the place of worship and wrote, "Why is the cross visible in the background? Is this temple? You lost my respect. Do you see Hindu god statues in the church? What you did today is hypocrisy.'' Madhavan then gave her a befitting reply.

Madhavan has shared a post on his account in which he wrote:

'I don't care to get respect from people like you. I hope you recover soon. I am surprised that you have not seen the picture of the Golden Temple in your illness and did not ask me if I had adopted Sikhism. The place also houses dargahs and other religious places around the world. Some were gifted to me, some I bought myself. Just as there are people of every religion in the army, my staff also has people from all religions who come and go to my house. My house has the same place of worship where all pray.'

'I was taught from childhood to always be proud of my identity, but also to respect other religions and others' faith and faith. I respect every religion and hope my son will learn this. Whenever I don't find a temple to worship, I worship in dargahs, gurudwaras and churches, where I get a lot of love, knowing that I am not a Hindu of their religion. So I bless how these feelings don't offend others. I just have love and respect to give and my travel experience says that's true faith. My love for you too.'

So Shah Rukh is making a comeback from this film, Madhavan's will be in lead role!

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