Rachit Sharma: “Indian music has to look beyond Bollywood”

Jun 27 2020 09:38 AM
Rachit Sharma: “Indian music has to look beyond Bollywood”

“Every now and then, there comes a revolution in the music scene of a country. In India, however, things operate a little differently. Our country's music scene has majorly been monopolized by Bollywood and there's absolutely no escaping it” Singer-songwriter Rachit Sharma told News Track in an exclusive interview.

“Most importantly we have to remember that the music of India is truly a treasure house of great depth and width. We have so many genres of music that deserve attention and not just film music.” Rachit explained.

“As a society and culture, we stand to benefit aesthetically and even grow the size of the music industry turnover by manifolds if we looked beyond Bollywood.”

Rachit Sharma is a young Indian singer-songwriter who juggles between the world of mellow pop music and the increasingly popular R&B sphere in India. Creating music that fuses these two genres, he has successfully created his own niche in the contemporary music world.

Rachit has been working on his first album ‘Bandishe’ for the past few months and it is set to be released soon. He also released the first track from ‘3 AM Writings’, Sipaahi. But he has not started performing live yet. On this Rachit Sharma told us “Nothing can compare with performing live and engaging with the audience. I really want to start performing live soon after this lockdown ends”

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