Third front taking place in Bihar, BJP's problems may increase

Jun 27 2020 09:18 AM
Third front taking place in Bihar, BJP's problems may increase

Patna: A new front is being prepared before the assembly elections in Bihar. According to the information, the opposition parties are working to form a strong alliance against the BJP-JDU alliance. Bihar assembly elections are due in October this year. For which all the political parties of the state have started manipulating from now.

According to the information received, former Union Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha has tried to form a united front against BJP and JDU alliance. The churn is going on to bring the RJD, Congress and other parties together. There is a plan to raise the issue of misrule and destruction among Bihar migrants and to form a front to win the election. RJD leader and former deputy CM of Bihar Tejasvi Yadav is already taking an aggressive stand on the Nitish government. Recently, Tejasvi accused CM Nitish Kumar that during the 90-day lockdown, he was plotting to distribute RJD, so he did not come out of the house. He also asked questions that Nitish Kumar should tell what he has done in 15 years.

Tejasvi said that when the leaders of the party went to the second court, it was not new to change the leaders' face before the election, the leaders who had gone had no importance. But to senior leader Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, he said that his resignation has been rejected.

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