'HM should resign, there should be an inquiry against PM Modi,' Rahul Gandhi's demand on Pegasus case
'HM should resign, there should be an inquiry against PM Modi,' Rahul Gandhi's demand on Pegasus case

New Delhi: Former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi has termed the alleged espionage by Israeli spyware Pegasus as sedition. Talking to pressmen in parliament premises, Rahul Gandhi said home minister Amit Shah should resign and PM Narendra Modi's role should be investigated under the supervision of the Supreme Court. Rahul Gandhi along with Congress MPs staged a protest in front of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in parliament premises on Friday.

Rahul Gandhi further said that the government used Pegasus as a political weapon and my phone has also been tapped. He said the opposition is united on the espionage scandal. The Government is responsible for the whole matter. The Home Minister should resign on this act and there should be an inquiry into the PM. Rahul Gandhi said, 'Can we buy Pegasus? The Government should clarify who can buy it, who can use it.' On the issue of farmers, Rahul Gandhi said, "All the three new agricultural laws should be returned, there is no solution to the discussion.''

Rahul Gandhi claimed, "Pegasus was used to stop the investigation into the Rafale case. Narendra Modi Ji used this weapon against our country. The only word for this is 'sedition.' Amnesty International, which launched a spy controversy against Pegasus while releasing a list, has now taken a U-turn saying that the list includes people whose NSO clients are usually interested in spying, not people who were spied on.'' Amnesty says he was extremely clear from the beginning that the list NSO the list was 'Not' to the spy target.

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