Rahul Gandhi's election campaign in Jharkhand; "There is no shortage of water-land-forest here"

Dec 02 2019 05:50 PM
Rahul Gandhi's election campaign in Jharkhand;

Simdega: Former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi addressed an election rally in Jharkhand's Simdega district in view of the assembly elections. Rahul Gandhi started his election tour from Jharkhand in Simdega today. During this, Rahul Gandhi said that elections were also being held in Chhattisgarh a year ago. There are also tribal brothers and sisters. There is no shortage of water-forest-land in Jharkhand or Chhattisgarh, but this wealth is not in the hands of the people nor do they get the benefit of it.

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Rahul said that whether it was a matter of land bank, crushing the people, due to money, due to culture, it was happening in Chhattisgarh as it is happening here today, but within a year, the Congress of Chhattisgarh The face has changed. He said that in Chhattisgarh, within a minute, the land was taken away from the tribals and given to industrialists. Such a law was made there, but we implemented the tribal bill. For the first time in India, the tribals were taken back and returned from the Tata Company.

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During this time, Rahul Gandhi also discussed the Land Acquisition Bill and said that the rule under this bill was that if the land is given to industrialists, the land will be returned if there is no industry within five years. So when the Tatas did not set up the industry within five years, the tribals' land was returned.

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