Rahul Gandhi got his grit done abroad too, got a befitting reply for saying anti-India, Video"
Rahul Gandhi got his grit done abroad too, got a befitting reply for saying anti-India, Video

New Delhi: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who arrived at Cambridge University in London, came face to face with Indian Civil Service officer Siddharth Verma. During this program, both the questions and answers took place fiercely on the issue of the nation and the state. The officer has also shared the video of this entire discussion on Twitter. Actually, Rahul Gandhi had presented views on the topic 'India at 75'. Posting the video, the officer tweeted that, 'Yesterday I asked Rahul Gandhi in Cambridge about his statement 'India is not a nation, but a union of states'. He emphasized that India is not a nation, but an agreement between states.


In the video, Siddharth Verma is telling Rahul Gandhi that, 'You have cited Article 1 of the Constitution to say that India is a union of states on the basis of the Constitution. If you go one page first and see the preamble, it is clearly written that India is a nation. India itself is one of the oldest living civilizations and the word has its origin in the Vedas and we are a very old civilization. He further said that, 'Even when Chanakya had discussed with the students in Taxila, he also clarified that they may come from different districts, but in the end they belong to India.' To this, Rahul Gandhi replied, 'Did he use the word nation?' So the officer told that he had used the word 'nation'. While handling his point, Rahul said, 'The nation is an empire'. Then the officer explained to him that, 'No, Rashtra is the Sanskrit word for nation.'

The official asked Rahul Gandhi, 'Don't you think that your view of India as a politician is not only wrong, but also destructive, as it tries to hide the history of thousands of years.' While the officer is being praised everywhere after a video of his conversation with Rahul Gandhi surfaced, Rahul Gandhi is facing a lot of criticism for his immature thinking. Siddharth has also expressed his gratitude to the people for their support. He tweeted and wrote, 'Extremely grateful for the support I received today. But it shows that 75 years old India is not just a small political thing for a large number of Indians. Bharatvarsha has been there for thousands of years and it will be for eternity.'

On the other hand, people are fiercely criticizing Rahul Gandhi. People are saying on social media that, a politician who aspires to become the Prime Minister of India must have knowledge of India. Going to foreign soil to show that 'India was born in 1947' is an insult to Indian culture dating back thousands of years. Social media users are saying that even before the arrival of the Mughals and the British, India was and will remain so.

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