Rahul Gandhi likely to lead Congress protest against Note ban outside RBI

Nov 09 2018 11:45 AM
Rahul Gandhi likely to lead Congress protest against Note ban outside RBI

New Delhi: On the completion of two years of note ban exercise, rival party Congress will be staging protests across the country. Congress head Rahul Gandhi is expected to lead the protests in the national capital. Reports said that the protests will be staged outside the Reserve Bank of India.

Worth mention here the Congress had launched a scathing attack on PM Modi led government on Thursday where former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh terming note ban as an ‘economic misadventure’. On the other hand Rahul Gandhi stated that Demonetization was a cruel conspiracy, money laundering scheme.

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi also stated in a statement that that note ban was a planned "brutal conspiracy" and a "shrewd scheme" to switch the black money of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "suit-booted friends" to white.

But in defiance BJP Government said that they first targeted the black money outside India and Asset holders were asked to bring this money back on payment of penal tax. FM Jaitley wrote further in his post that those who failed to do so are being prosecuted under the Black Money Act.

He added, “Details of all accounts and assets abroad which have reached the Government resulted in action against the violators” .The senior BJP leader also stated that it was demonetization which duty-bound holders of cash to deposit the same in the banks.


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