Rahul Gandhi again targets Central government over farmers' protest

Jan 14 2021 03:51 PM
Rahul Gandhi again targets Central government over farmers' protest

Madurai: Former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi is in Tamil Nadu today on the occasion of Pongal. He arrived in Madurai and joined Jallikattu programme at Avanipuram. Addressing the media, Rahul lashed out at the central government over the farmers' protest. He said that the government is not only neglecting the farmers but it is a conspiracy to destroy them.

Rahul Gandhi further blamed the government and said that it wanted to benefit its 2-3 friends. The government want to take everything of the farmers and give it to their 2-3 friends. That is what is happening. Rahul further said that neglect is a very small word to describe what is going on. The Congress leader has further said that the farmers of this country are the backbone of this country. If somebody feels that you can suppress the farmers and this nation will continue to prosper, they have to look at our history. Whenever Indian farmers are weak, the country is weak.

Accusing the government of serious accusations, the Congress leader said that you are suppressing the farmers. You are helping a handful of businessmen. When the corona comes, you are not helping the common man. Whose PM are you? Are you the Prime Minister of the people of India or 2-3 businessmen?

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