Rahul Gandhi on Delhi violence,
Rahul Gandhi on Delhi violence, "Image of the country has been tarnished in front of the world"

New Delhi: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi visited the violence-hit areas of north-east Delhi on Wednesday evening. Rahul, who came to meet the victims, said that this violence in the country's capital has hurt the country's reputation in front of the world. Rahul first arrived at Arun Public School in the Brijpuri area, which has been set ablaze after miscreants sabotaged it.

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After looking at all the desks, benches, chairs, shelves, files, registers and blackboards that had turned into piles of ash, he said, 'This is the future of India, not just a school. Hate and violence have not just burned a school building, but the future of the country. Rahul Gandhi said, 'People who spread hatred and violence are enemies of progress. Efforts are being made to divide people with such antics. Today it is a time of great sorrow, so I have come here. We all have to work together to make the situation right again.

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He said, "This terrible violence in the country's capital has hurt the country's reputation before the world." To establish peace in the violence-hit areas, Gandhi said, "Brotherhood, unity, and love are our strength, which we must uphold." After seeing the burnt houses and shops in the area, Rahul said that 'India's brotherhood, unity, and love have been burnt during the violence, the kind of hatred that Hindustan is being burnt and distributed, Bharat Mata will not be of any benefit.

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