'People of India will fight coronavirus together' tweets Rahul Gandhi
'People of India will fight coronavirus together' tweets Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: To beat the epidemic like Coronavirus, it is necessary to break its chain so that it does not spread. For this it is necessary that people stay united in their homes. Former Congress National President and Lok Sabha MP Rahul Gandhi also gave the mantra of unity on Twitter on Monday. Rahul said that we can win the fight against the Coronavirus at the same time.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi wrote in his tweet that, "The coronavirus is an opportunity for India to unite as one people, putting aside differences of religion, caste and class; to forge one common purpose: the defeat of this deadly virus. Compassion, empathy and self-sacrifice are central to this idea. Together we will win this battle."

It is worth mentioning that appeals are being made to different sections of the society on this issue and people are being urged to be strict on the issue of lockdown and coronavirus. In the past, PM Narendra Modi had also discussed with the religious leaders of all religions of the country and urged them to motivate the people and followers of their community to follow the lockdown, because of this they beat the coronavirus.

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