Rahul Gandhi's attack on PM Modi says, "When the debt of industrialists can be forgiven, then the farmers...."

Dec 09 2019 05:30 PM
Rahul Gandhi's attack on PM Modi says,

Hazaribagh: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally in Barkagaon on Monday said that there is an atmosphere of hatred in the entire country today, while the more hatred will spread, the more the graph of unemployment will increase. Rahul said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has pushed the country's economy into a pit.

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Congress's star campaigner Rahul Gandhi attacked BJP fiercely at an election meeting on Monday. He has said that "The country and Jharkhand will run not from 10-15 industrialists but from the farmers and the poor". He has said that, "Today the world says that Hindustan has become the 'capital' of rape. Narendra Modi did not say a word on the rape of the woman. The girl was killed in the accident, the girl was burnt in Uttar Pradesh, but PM Modi did not say a word. Modi keeps saying all day that I am protecting women, how are you protecting. This is his truth. "

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Rahul Gandhi has sarcastically said on PM Modi, "You have control over TV, show your face as many times as you want. The country needs industrialists. But their three and a half lakh crores can be forgiven, then why the debt of poor can't be forgiven. We don't want two India. "

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