Rahul Gandhi's claim turned out to be 'false' again about Mumbai airport!
Rahul Gandhi's claim turned out to be 'false' again about Mumbai airport!

New Delhi: The claim made by former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha regarding the Mumbai airport has proved to be false. GV Sanjay Reddy, Vice Chairman of GVK Group, has said that there was no pressure from Adani Group or anyone else to sell Mumbai airport. In fact, on Tuesday (February 7) in the Lok Sabha, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi alleged that the Modi government hijacked the Mumbai airport and got it handed over to the Adani group by pressurizing the GVK group.

Rahul Gandhi's allegations were answered by GV Sanjay Reddy in an interview on the same day. He categorically denied any pressure from the Adani group or anyone else to sell the airport. Regarding the reasons for selling the airport, he said that GVK Group was considering fundraising to settle the loan taken 10 years ago. After taking over the Bangalore airport, GV Sanjay thought of tying up with several investors to get rid of the debt. Investors were imposing their terms on the deal. Meanwhile, the Corona epidemic spread and the airport remained closed for several months. Due to this, the company suffered huge losses.

GV Sanjay further told that in such circumstances Gautam Adani met and showed interest in buying Mumbai airport. Adani said that he would repay the amount in a month. He did not impose any additional conditions for this. Sanjay told that this deal was very important for us, but there was no pressure on us from agencies like CBI or ED. He clarified that the deal happened because the GVK Group needed it.

Let us tell you that on Tuesday (February 7), Rahul Gandhi attacked fiercely in the lower house regarding the Adani-Hindenburg issue. During this, Rahul Gandhi alleged that the government ignored the rules for the benefit of the Adani group. Rahul alleged that Adani Group was given the task of managing 6 airports without any experience. After that Mumbai airport, one of the most important airports of India was snatched from the GVK group using CBI and ED and given to Adani.

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