Raj Kundra's adult film app's projected earning target was Rs 34 crore by 2023: Crime Branch
Raj Kundra's adult film app's projected earning target was Rs 34 crore by 2023: Crime Branch

While scorching the further examination in the Raj Kundra adult film racket has led to murkier details surfacing. According to the latest report, the first charge sheet in the case has been registered and Mumbai Police have revealed the financial targets that were fixed by Raj Kundra and his company Bollyfame Media Limited. Lets us tell you that Bollyfame was the app that came into play after the adult film content app Hotshots was banned from Google Playstore and Apple last year.      

The charge sheet displays the calculated gross revenue of Rs 146 crore and a net profit of approximately Rs 34 crore for the year 2023-24, Mid-Day's report stated. It also included the revenue and net profit numbers for the year 2021-22 and 2022-23. For the years 21-22, Kundra's company was expected to drum up gross revenue of Rs 36,50,00,000 and net profit of Rs 4,76,85,000. As for 22-23, Kundra & co were aiming at a gross revenue and net profit of around Rs 73,00,00,000. Though, the charge sheet did not specify if this projection was for Bollyfame or some other company. Talking to the publication, a Crime Branch officer said, "The documents were seized from Kamat. Kundra was not arrested when we filed the first charge sheet. As the investigation progresses, we will get more clarity about Bollyfame and the same will be covered in a supplementary charge sheet." 

After Kundra's app "Hotshot" app was banned, the content was moved to Bollyfame, the Crime Branch stated. Server, several files and documents were seized over the weekend from Raj Kundra's office and will seemingly give cops more clarity on the case. "WhatsApp chats between Kamat, Kundra, and his brother-in-law Pradeep Bakshi clearly states that he had the Plan B in the form of Bollyfame in case HotShot faces legal issues. He was also planning to get celebrities to live-stream on Bollyfame saying it will bring more revenues and subscriptions than Hotshot that has uploaded content,” the officer told the portal.

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