Delhi's resident becomes world's first modified bodybuilder

In the meantime, a young man from Delhi has done something that has shocked everyone. He is the first modified bodybuilder in the world. There is no part of his body that does not have tattoos in place. After many years of tattooing and becoming a modified bodybuilder after dozens of surgeries, the world knows it as "Tattoographer Karan".

The tattoographer is not part of Karan's body where tattoos are not made. Apart from the skin of the body, they also have tattoos in their eyes. He has also modified his ear to complete the tattooing. He has removed all their teeth and installed metal teeth. He has also undergone surgery on his tongue. It looks as if it is not a human being but a snake's tongue.

With this, tattoographer Karan got the first tattoo at the age of 16. From then on, he started the work of a tattoo artist and first made the tattoo on his own body. This continued to grow. Karan got a tattoo all over his body over the years. At the same time, he is also a bodybuilder. Both bodybuilding and tattooing are very difficult as the body bleeds a lot while getting a tattoo and has to rest. They need body-related hard work for bodybuilding.

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