Rajamouli's team Approached this Bollywood actress for #RRR

Jun 20 2019 04:48 PM
Rajamouli's team Approached this Bollywood actress for #RRR

Ever since foreign heroine Daisy Edgar Jones exited the RRR due to unknown issues, it seems that Rajamouli has replaced the character of a foreign woman with an Indian woman, replacing the entire script. And, so, the names of Bollywood girls are being heard with regard to this role.

It is rumored that Rajamouli's team has recently contacted Bollywood's first Debut star, Janhvi Kapoor. However, the young heroine refused to be part of this big project where she would romance with the junior NTR. The reasons for his disapproval are not known, but she has said that the character is not giving her enough light as to how the Ram Charan duo meets Alia Bhatt's character.

At the same time, if we look at it in recent times, Janhvi's mother Sridevi had earlier rejected Rajamouli's proposal, saying that she would not play the role of Shivagami in Baahubali until she was given a bomb. Well, Janhvi is too small to reject this kind, right?

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