Violence with minor on birthday, neighbour's relative raped after party

Jaipur: Rape cases are not taking their name to stop in Rajasthan. Two days ago a woman was raped twice in the Mandore police station area of Jodhpur. Now on Sunday, the incident of rape of a minor has been carried out in the Kudi Bhagtasani police station area. The victim alleges that the relative of a neighbour who had come to her birthday party has done this abominable act with her.


The victim informed the mother regarding this incident and lodged a case under sections of the rape and POSCO Act at Kudi Bhagtasani police station. ACP Jaiprakash Atal has told that the neighbouring family of the victim has decided to celebrate her birthday at home given the condition of her house. Both the families together celebrated the birthday of the victim. After the birthday was over, the victim went home with her mother. At around one o'clock at night, the aunt living in the neighbourhood gave voice to the victim and asked for a bowl. The victim went to her house at one o'clock at night. The victim gave the goods to the aunt, and the aunt went to her room.


During this, the relative youth who came from Ganganagar, the house of the neighbour's aunt caught her and took him to the room with them. Then committed the rape incident and went home quietly and slept. On the morning of May 21st, the victim told her mother about the whole incident and lodged a case at the police station. The police registered a case and sent the victim for medical examination and started an investigation.

Careful! If you are also getting RBI's emails, then be alert

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