Doctor's wife raped 15 times, man found in FB goes home and rapes her

Bundi: The wife of a government doctor was raped 15 times by a neighboring youth in Bundi, Rajasthan. The accused used to threaten to kill the woman's husband if she complained to anyone. Fed up with the neighbor's plight, the woman told her husband the whole story, after which the matter reached the police station. Police have started investigating the case. The case is from Nainwa town in the Bundi district. Hariram, who lives in the neighborhood of a doctor living in a government residence here, has been seriously accused.

The doctor's wife told police that the accused had raped her not once or twice, but 15 times. Not only that, but the accused also took out all the money she had in his purse. Fed up with the accused's plight, she mustered up the courage and told her husband the whole thing. Nainwa DSP Kailash Chand Jat has confirmed that a case has been registered in the case. They said the matter is under investigation. At the same time, she did not give any clear information. According to police sources, Hariram, a man living next door to the doctor, had identified the woman through Facebook in 2017. The accused had then started coming to his house.

The victim said the accused showed a knife and raped her 15 times from March 2019 to June 11, 2021. Not only that, the accused threatened her, that if she told anyone in this regard, she would kill her doctor's husband. For fear of this, she kept quiet and endured all this.  Police are currently investigating the case.

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