Wife having illicit relations with a youth strangled her husband to death, caught after two years
Wife having illicit relations with a youth strangled her husband to death, caught after two years

Sikar: A Sikar court in Rajasthan has sentenced three accused to life imprisonment in a murder case. Among these accused, the mastermind is the wife of the deceased. Who, along with her boyfriend and one of his relatives, killed her husband. The case is about 2 years old. In fact, Boduram, a resident of Charanwas village under the Dantaramgarh area of Sikar, was married to a woman named Lakshmi in a nearby village. Since marriage, there was a rift between the two. Laxmi had been living in her maternal home for 2 years leaving her husband behind. Even before marriage, she had an illicit relationship with a young man named Banwari. Even after marriage, the affair continued.

However, even after living in her parents' house, Laxmi used to talk to her husband. On the late evening of January 11, 2021, Boduram left his house. Whose mobile was also switched off. The family searched for Boduram a lot. However, nothing could be found about him. On the morning of January 12, 2021, when a young man from the village came out of the village, he found Boduram's body lying in front of a temple outside the village. After getting information, the police also reached the spot and took possession of the body. There was a huge cut on the neck of the corpse. In such a situation, the police suspected that he had been murdered by slitting his throat.

The police first summoned Laxmi, the wife of the deceased, for questioning in the matter. At first, Laxmi kept confusing the police for several hours. But, when strictly questioned by the police, she confessed to the murder along with her lover Banwari and Krishna Kumar, the grandson of Banwari's aunt. Police arrested one of the accused Krishna Kumar from his house, but Banwari ran away from the house as soon as he got a clue, who was caught from Jaipur. Now the Sikar court has ruled in the case that in the current era, the brutal murder of her husband by a wife is a gruesome example of the breaking trust of the close relationships.

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