Husband gives painful death to his own wife, will be shocked to know the matter
Husband gives painful death to his own wife, will be shocked to know the matter

Narsinghpur: A man killed his wife in the Narshinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh. He told the police that his wife died in the accident. When he was strictly interrogated, it came to light that he was murdered. The police got suspicious. The criminal said that he himself killed his wife. My wife and in-laws had filed a dowry case against me. I had to go to jail. He killed his wife to take revenge from them.

Actually, the case is under the Kareli police station of Narsinghpur district. On January 5, Shailendra Sharma took his wife, Deepa Barman, to the hotel for dinner. After having dinner, both of them were returning home on a motorcycle. Shailendra stopped the bike at the railway bridge on National Highway 44 and brought his wife Deepa down from the vehicle. Before Deepa could understand anything, her husband threw her off the bridge.

Shailendra saw that Deepa was alive even after falling from a height of 50 feet, so he got down from the bridge, reached his wife, and crushed her to death with a stone. After brutally killing his wife, the criminal husband approached the police. To show the murder as an accident, Shailendra called the police and said that my wife had died after falling from the bridge. On receiving the news of the incident, Kareli police station in-charge Akhilesh Mishra reached the spot. It didn't take long for the police to realize that it was not an accident but a murder. Immediately, culprit husband Shailendra was taken into custody and the family members were informed about the incident. Also, the body was removed from under the bridge and sent for post-mortem. Kareli police station in-charge Akhilesh Mishra said, Shailendra Sharma father of Vishnu Sharma, a resident of the Subhash ward of Kareli, was married to Deepa Barman of Jabalpur in the year 2017. Shortly after the marriage, Deepa filed a dowry case against her husband. In this case, husband Shailendra also had to go to jail.

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