'I was raped by the policemen' women told to lady police
'I was raped by the policemen' women told to lady police

Nowadays cases of crime are raising and shocking everyone. The case that has come to light is from Jaipur. Yes, in the case of death of a young man in police custody in Sardar city and a third degree to his sister-in-law and gang rape, the victim said, "I swear, I am raped by the policemen turn by turn'.

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According to media reports in the case, the victim said: "When the lady policeman came to the police station and saw my condition, she also reprimanded the policemen present. held hostage for four days. On July 3, the police took over. The same day I was beaten and raped.

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Then, for three days, my hand and foot nails were uprooted and five policemen raped for three days," he said, but the investigation is still going on and an inquiry will be conducted and the matter will be resolved soon.

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