Rajasthan government terminated agreement of thousands of nursing workers

Jun 11 2021 05:35 PM
Rajasthan government terminated agreement of thousands of nursing workers

Jaipur: The second wave of corona has slowed down, but unemployment is still not allowing people to live. During the Corona crisis, the Congress government in Rajasthan had ordered the recruitment of 30,000 health workers, but as soon as the corona loosened, the government also began to terminate the agreement. The Rajasthan Nursing Council then moved those who had been on contract for 40 years during the Corona period.

This led to protests by nursing personnel in Dausa on Friday. They were promised contracts by the government during the Corona period, some even worked for up to six days, but suddenly the contract was terminated. The girls are saying that we were on duty and suddenly an order came from the headquarters that your job was over. The posts of 30,000 nursing personnel in Rajasthan were taken out during the Corona period, but the Gehlot government did not give even 15,000 joining. In this regard, Chief Medical Officer Manish Chaudhary says that guidelines have been sought from Jaipur and we are all making efforts for them. The entire staff agreement in Jaipur has also been terminated.

Nursing workers sometimes sit outside Sachin Pilot's residence for a job in the scorching sun, sometimes they stage a dharna outside health minister Raghu Sharma's house. This is their routine from morning to evening. Pinky Gautam had been working as a computer operator in the Rajasthan Nursing Council for 7 years, but suddenly her contract has been terminated.

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