Daughter stabbed father when he stopped to use mobile

Aug 23 2019 06:35 PM
Daughter stabbed  father when he stopped to use mobile

Bengaluru: A daughter is arrested for the murder of Rajasthan-origin businessman Jayakumar, has revealed that she had been plotting to murder her father for the past one month. In fact, on Sunday, the body of Jayakumar, a migrant businessman from Ram village in Jaipur district of Rajasthan, was found in the bathroom of his house at the 17th-B cross of the fifth block near Rajajinagar Thantar Bhakyam Circle.

The police had detained his minor daughter and her 18-year-old friend in 24 hours of the Jayakumar murder case. The 15-year-old daughter, who was studying in the ninth grade of police, often chatted on mobile. Jayakumar did not like it and had asked his daughter several times to use less of the mobile. An angry daughter with her father's instruction planned to kill Jayakumar along with one of her friends Praveen (18).

On August 18, when the girl's mother and brother went to Puducherry, she took advantage of the absence of anyone in the house and put her father to sleep and then, along with his friend Praveen, adopted Jayakumar's body with a knife. After washing Jayakumar's blood-stained clothes in a washing machine to erase evidence of murder, he also cleaned the blood spots in the room. Later, the two bodies were taken to the bathroom and a petrol sprinkler set on fire. Both are currently under police custody.

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