Minor spent 3 lakhs in PUBG, case filed against Shahbaz Khan

Jaipur: Nowadays children are increasingly addicted to playing games on mobile and are also seeing side effects. A 13-year-old minor boy from Jhalawar city of Rajasthan stole Rs 3 lakh from his own house due to PUBG sports addiction and spent it up in the game. A case has been registered against the child's neighbour in this regard. In fact, a minor boy from Gagron Road in Jhalawar city was so addicted to playing PUBG that he emptied the safe of his house.

The minor spent Rs 3 lakh in PUBG. His family says his son's addiction has been exploited by a young man who runs an e-Mitra shop in the neighbourhood. The young man running an e-Mitra used to pressure the minor to bring money from home and buy equipment from his own referral code. He used to threaten to bring double the money the next day on not bringing money. The family has registered a case at Kotwali police station. The minor's maternal uncle said Shahbaz Khan, who runs an e-Mitra shop in the neighbourhood, called his nephew on June 21 and got involved in his words and asked him to buy equipment in PUBG. Shahbaz also asked the minor for details of his father's Aadhaar card, PAN card, mobile and bank account.

The accused opened a new account on Paytm from the minor's father's account and linked a new mobile number to it. The accused first made a transaction of Rs 500 from the minor. The accused then duped the minor and constantly ordered money in the name of buying guns, clothes and other equipment on PUBG. The accused used to threaten the minor for not bringing the money. In the last six months, the accused ordered about Rs 3 lakh from the minor. Later, when the minor became depressed and irritable, the family questioned him hard, which revealed that he had been stealing the money at home for a long time and giving it to an e-Mitra. The family then registered a case against the accused. It has also demanded strict action against the accused as he has cheated several other children in the same way.

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