Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa have divorced 

The divorce of actor-couple Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen has been in the news for some time. According to sources, the ultimate divorce hearing for the separated couple is set for today, June 8. Prior to the event, Charu discussed how she and her partner Ziana had managed to co-parent. She continued by saying she didn't want her kid to grow up in a home where her parents had a bad relationship.

News was confirmed by Rajeev. “We are divorced,” When prompted, he answered. Later, he posted a brief comment regarding their divorce on Instagram. There are no farewells. Just two individuals who found it difficult to stay together. Love endures. We will always be our daughter's parents," he stated.


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“Ziana is Rajeev and my responsibility and she is our child. Rajeev can meet her whenever he wants. I always say that he’s always welcome to spend time with her,” she told. The actor added that she is okay to send their daughter off to spend time with her father but staying together is an issue.

Additionally, Charu Asopa expressed her desire for their daughter to witness their mutual respect.. “I feel it is better this way that we both are co-parenting Ziana. I want her daughter to see us both respecting and behaving well towards each other. I don’t want Ziana to see Rajiv and me sharing a relationship where we both are not happy and it becomes toxic for her as well.”

Before formally calling it quits, Rajeev and Charu made many attempts to date. They would break up, give interviews to the media about their failed romances, and then get back together, leaving their admirers in the dark about their true situation.

Rajeev Sen recently shared in a video on his YouTube channel that the divorce is in Charu, his, and their daughter's best interests.. “You guys know that June 8 is coming, and on that day there will be a second and final hearing in the court. I have always had a positive outlook when it comes to life in general. Whatever is about to happen, it is for the good of me, my daughter and Charu. What will happen on June 8, are we going ahead (with the divorce), you will get to know anyways. But all I can say is whatever happens, happens for the best,” he shared in his vlog.

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Sushmita Sen is referred to be a "fighter" by Charu Asopa, who adds, "Our entire family is proud of her."

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