Rajeev Sen arrives in Dubai amid divorce news
Rajeev Sen arrives in Dubai amid divorce news

While Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is in the news about her love life, the personal life of her brother Rajeev Sen and wife Charu Asopa is no less in the news. The matter between both Rajiv and Charu has now reached divorce. The advocate has also proceeded with the legal action. But unfazed by all this, leaving his wife, and child, Rajiv Sen reached Dubai where he celebrated his birthday with the family. Now Rajeev Sen has also shared photos of birthday celebrations on social media.

It was Rajeev Sen's birthday on August 11 and he stayed in Dubai on this occasion. He has shared some photos on his social media in which his family is also seen. His mother and father are also seen in this photo with Rajiv. But in these photos, neither Sushmita Sen nor Charu Asopa nor her daughter was seen.  

For the past one month, there have been reports of a dispute between Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen. Charu Asopa herself has come forward and told that she is tired of convincing Rajiv to save this relationship, but now she has given up. She has decided to separate from Rajiv for her daughter.  

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