Rajnath Singh points out: Terrorism, drug trafficking, piracy are maritime challenges
Rajnath Singh points out: Terrorism, drug trafficking, piracy are maritime challenges

NEW DELHI: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the Indian Coast Guard's 39th Commanders' Conference on Monday (ICG).

"New obstacles have arisen as regional and global trade has grown. Traditional security concerns have arisen as a result of geopolitical conflicts and strategic interests clashing. Terrorism, drug trafficking, and piracy are some of today's non-traditional issues. These issues have an impact on the entire region, Rajnath Singh said.

We have a strong interest in creating a rule-based, peaceful, and stable environment as a responsible maritime power. For regional and global prosperity, such a rule-based environment is important. The ICG has a significant role to play in such a case." Singh stated that India's geographical location is critical from a geopolitical and economic standpoint in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). "Our extensive coastline, complete with deep-water ports, a thriving Exclusive Economic Zone, and islands on both ends, gives us a distinct advantage.

More than two-thirds of the world's oil shipments pass through the IOR. It handles one-third of bulk cargo and more than half of container traffic. The security of these sea lanes is not only vital to our economic interests, but it also establishes India as a Net Security Provider in the Indian Ocean Region "he added.

Singh emphasised the importance of maintaining marine preparedness in the ever-changing global environment, calling it a critical factor that protects a country's economic and geopolitical interests. He noted that the ever-changing global environment has caused a shift in India's marine security demands.

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