Rajnath Singh congratulated the team of TMR for their exceptional work
Rajnath Singh congratulated the team of TMR for their exceptional work

Recently, the Union Minister of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had come forward and complimented the efforts of the Tiranga Mountain Rescue (TMR) Team for their admirable efforts in providing focused avalanche rescue and training to Indian Army personnel in high-risk areas. The team has been dedicated to working toward saving the lives of armed forces from natural calamities like sandstorms and avalanches during the challenging and testing times.

Rajnath Singh praised the TMR crew, saying, "The site where the TMR team was stationed has seen zero casualties due to avalanches." Previously, avalanches claimed the lives of at least 20-25 people. He further added, "TMR is a source of strength for Indian Armed Forces who are positioned in the snowbound and risky areas. 

During the ceremony, the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh was briefed on TMR's work, after which the Minister praised TMR for saving the lives of Armed Forces personnel from risks such as avalanches, as well as for raising awareness and providing training to the defence forces. The Minister emphasized that TMR bears a significant responsibility on their shoulders, as climate change may increase hazards such as avalanches and sandstorms.


The TMR team has visited over 140 locations across the country every winter, training thousands of soldiers to build a team that provides professional and specialized training. Tiranga Mountain Rescue Team also offers a comprehensive rescue support system to the Indian Army on a long-term basis. Applauding TMR'sTMR's efforts, Rajnath Singh emphasized that a country progresses only when the government and civil society work together. "The wheels on which the country can fulfil the aim of all-around sustainable growth are government and civil society," he stated.

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The TMR has dispatched six teams to avalanche-prone border areas in collaboration with the Indian Army. In Kashmir, three teams are positioned, two in Ladakh and one in Sikkim. Under the command of Col. Satish Sharma, the Tiranga Mountain Rescue (TMR) team has successfully executed many mitigation and rescue missions, educating over 20,000 defence forces personnel since 2016. (retd.).

From 2016 to 2018, TMR provided rescue services in the 'Alps' highest, most dangerous, and avalanche-prone regions and advanced training in cover, route analysis, rescue, and other operations.

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