Rakhi Sawant says she got death threat for supporting Salman Khan
Rakhi Sawant says she got death threat for supporting Salman Khan

Rakhi Sawant adores Salman Khan, as seen by the number of times she has spoken out in his support. But, this appears to have placed her in hot water with the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, who had conveyed threats to Salman. This is the same group that murdered Sidhu Moosewala. Rakhi Sawant told the media that Lawrence Bishnoi's group had issued her a new email threat, telling her to keep away from Salman.

Rakhi Sawant said, “Mere Bhai Salman par buri nazar mat rakho. Me kehti hu Salman Khan ek nek insan hai.. gareebi ka data hai, ek legend hai.. Salman Bhai ke lie dua karo, vo logo ke lie ittna karte hai.. me chahti hu Salman Bhai ke dushmano ki aakhe fut jae.. unnki yaadash Shakti khatam hojae.. me Allah se dua karti hu ke koi mere Salman bhai ke lie bura na soche.”

Rakhi later told, "They're threatening to murder you if you mention Salman Khan. But I'm going to talk about Salman Khan since he helped my mother while she was sick. He spent Rs 50 lakh on cancer treatment for my mother. Why shouldn't I say something? They murdered Sidhu Moosewala. After a death, people march with candles and grieve. Shouldn't we take a stance when someone is still alive?"

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