Ram Gopal looks eager to kiss police, know what is the story?
Ram Gopal looks eager to kiss police, know what is the story?

Bollywood producer and director Ram Gopal Verma, who has always been in constant discussion with his uninspiring statements, has once again made headlines. A new controversy has been floated recently by director Ram Gopal Verma.

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In fact, his film Smart Shankar has proved to be a hit on the box office and that is why he made a unique feat to promote the film. Ram Gopal Verma reached the cinema by tripping and the video went viral on social media and the police fined him. He has now tweeted that people are shocked, the tweets have been taken by the Hyderabad Police.

Ram Gopal Verma uploaded a video of him breaking traffic rules with his own varied Twitter handle and sharing the video, he wrote, "Where is the traffic police, it seems all are inside the theatre and watching the film 'Smart Shankar'." "Thanks Ram Gopal Verma for reporting violations of traffic rules, we hope you will follow the traffic rules yourself," he wrote. Why just in cinemas? The traffic police watch the drama like this (Ramgopal Verma video) on the streets every day. "In a tweet, Ram Gopal wrote, "Garu, I love you and what I want you to do. For fantastic work for 39 consecutive days. If I had a second daughter, I would have made you my son-in-law," he said.

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