BJP furious over Digvijay Singh's statement on beef

Bhopal: A verbal battle has resumed between BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma and Digvijay Singh from Bhopal with the image of a Hindutva leader. This time the issue is Digvijay's statement on beef, on which Rameshwar Sharma lashed out and scolded him a lot on Digvijay Singh's statement about beef. Firebrand leader Rameshwar Sharma said that the hard work the Congress does in defaming Hindus, for the good of India, Pakistan, and Jinnah would not have been born, and neither would terrorism grow on the soil of the country. Digvijay is once again on the target of the BJP by making statements on beef and Hinduism. Rameshwar Sharma has retaliated on behalf of the BJP.

Rameshwar Sharma told that Digvijay Singh wants to incite the Muslims so that the Muslims kill the cow. He said, you want Hindu-Muslim riots to happen and your political loaves keep sinking. Your forefathers also intended to cut the cow mother, when Indira Gandhi fired at Karpatri Maharaj. You want the cow mother to continue to die, terrorism to flourish, to flourish, and to degrade the religion of Hindus. Rameshwar Sharma told that Digvijay Singh is that national great man, who keeps working hard to conspire against the Hindus. Terrorist is 'G' in their eyes and is more interested in feeding biryani to the traitors. Giving a warning, Rameshwar Sharma told that Digvijay Ji, get better, take care.

Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh had said in a statement on Saturday that "this country is a country of diversity, there are Hindus who eat beef. He further mentioned where it is written that beef should not be eaten and most Hindus are against cow slaughter. Savarkar has written in his book that Sanatan Dharma has nothing to do with Hindutva. He has also written that a cow is an animal that rolls into its own feces, from where it can be our mother, there is no problem in eating beef.

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