Rana Daggubati said this about nepotism

Jun 19 2019 04:59 PM
Rana Daggubati said this about nepotism

Whenever a debate starts in Bollywood, it is always a question of "nepotism". Recently, an eminent web media invited Rana Daggubati for a quick Q&A session and the big question was about nepotism. And what Rana responded to is nothing but a big hit outside the park.

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"First of all, no film school in India is producing great filmmakers. We are great filmmakers with our own skills, whether it is learned or practiced," says Rana, Baahubali Star, while stating that it is wrong to call someone a product of nepotism.

At the same time, he said, "If your father ran a chemical factory, obviously you will know every nook and corner of that industry." You will know the procedures and how it will work. My father is a producer, my mother ran a film lab. And my uncle is an actor. So naturally, I know the business well. All Star Kids have explored this process and have been in cinemas for years, so how can you call it nepotism, but also say that they are well experienced?

But Rana is not here for a complete anti-blind argument as he admits that the possibilities for insiders are easy. "For someone inside, it's easy to get the first chance. Later, they will have to prove themselves with their skill set. Whether its skills come through the family or in college, skill is a skill.

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