Viral: Ranu Mondal once again in headlines
Viral: Ranu Mondal once again in headlines

Every day someone is making headlines on social media. Social media, however, is a platform that has the power to make anyone popular overnight. The biggest example of this is Ranu Mondal. You must be aware that due to her singing talent, Bollywood music director Himesh Reshammiya also gave him a chance to sing with him. However, Ranu could not handle her popularity and became a victim of pride.


After that her career was spoiled and she stood where she was before again. But now once again she is trying to get up and become an internet sensation. Ranu Mondal has sung a song of Chhath for the first time. You all must be aware that at present, Chhath is being celebrated all over Bihar and parts of Bengal. The Chhath song is being heard a lot. Now Ranu's Chhath song is also in the news but let us tell you that the Chhath song which has been made viral by calling it the voice of Ranu Mondal is not in her voice.


This is why people are venting their anger as to 'Why is her name used on the cover photo of the video?' The song is currently being promoted as Ranu Mondal and the song is going viral on YouTube. Many social media users are saying that this is not the voice of Ranu Mondal. Meanwhile, another old video of Ranu making chicken curry is also going viral. Along with this, she is also seen singing the song 'Jab Koi Baat Bad Jaye.'

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