Ranveer Singh's choice of a superhero is 'swachtaveer'
Ranveer Singh's choice of a superhero is 'swachtaveer'

The Deadpool series sequel was launched today.

Deadpool 2, played the superhero character by Ryan Reynolds did a marvelous job. The sequel is liked by the audience more than the first part. It was officially announced a few days back that the movie will we dubbed in Hindi. The Hindi version was dubbed by Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer Singh's take on the issue was that personally, he is a Deadpool fan, the kind of humor he adds to action is just amazing, his acting his just above anyone’s control. He has the power to capture the audience as long as he wants and being a fan himself he grabbed the chance of dubbing the movie.

When asked, people find his personality and character’s the same, what does he think about it?

His reaction was very different, he said he doesn’t know what he is and what kind of a person he is. He can’t judge himself, his complete life will be a quest to find who he is.

He also said that if he ever gets a chance to become a superhero, he would become the swachtaaveer and clean the nation as an extension of swatch Bharat Abhiyan.

Ranveer has some legit decent ideas of being a superhero, well he already is one from the Bollywood industry


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