BJP MLA denied relief from court in rape case, sensational allegations levelled

Thane: The district sessions court in Maharashtra's Thane has refused to grant relief to rape convict BJP MLA before arrest. According to the woman's complaint, the MLA had been in a leave-in relationship with her in the past. The woman hails from Gujarat and owns a company. She also has a 15-year-old son.


According to the woman's complaint, the two met in 1993 at a club in Vashi. Naik used to come here often. The woman used to work as a receptionist here. The woman said the two decided to have a baby in 2004. According to the woman, Naik had promised to give his name to the child after five years and keep them with him. 


In 2007, the woman gave birth to a baby boy in New Jersey, USA. The woman and the child were later given a house in Navi Mumbai to live in. The woman claims that Naik had promised that he would come to meet her three times a week and also fulfil her physical desire. The woman told the court that Naik was an MLA and a strong man in the minister's polity. So she could not complain of 'physical harassment'. The woman said that in 2022, the woman finally decided to complain to get justice and lodged a case at the Nerul police station. Subsequently, the woman also complained to the Belapur police station. In her complaint against Naik, the woman stated that the relationship between the two was formed without her consent. Advocate Nitin Pradhan, appearing for Naik, told the court that Naik is considered to be the architect of Navi Mumbai. The advocate said in the plea that Naik has political clout in the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation area. His rivals have conspired against him to cause him political harm. Naik's lawyer said the woman was being used as a political doll. Naik's advocate Pradhan claimed that for the first time in history, two police stations under the control of the same police commissioner in the Thane district have registered two complaints against the same person at the behest of a woman. Pradhan argued that if the woman claims that the BJP MLA is the biological father of her son, Naik is ready for the DNA test. Naik's lawyer sought to hear the case as a civil case and not a criminal case.

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