Corona: PM Modi addressed the nation on Corona Virus

Today PM Narendra Modi addressed the country. In which he has spoken about the rising outbreak of Coronavirus in the country and the world. Let us know that the number of people caught in the virus in the country has reached 195. There have been 4 deaths due to this in the whole country.

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The country is going through a big phase of the crisis. The natural crisis remains in some countries and places. But this time the crisis has put the entire human race in danger. More people are suffering from this coronavirus than the first and second world wars. Over the last two months, 130 crore Indians have fought it out vigorously and have tried their best to save. It seems that all is well. But this thinking is not correct. It is very important for everyone to be alert.

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Whenever you ask me, you have given me. Due to this, our efforts have also been successful. Today too you have to ask for something. You need some time to come. Science has not been able to suggest any remedy to prevent the corona epidemic, nor is there any medicine. It is natural to increase anxiety in this situation.

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Where its effects have been seen more, there is one thing on the eye there, after the decrease in the onset, after some time, the number of infected patients has increased rapidly. The Government of India is monitoring this. However, there are some knowledgeable countries that have taken the necessary decisions and handled the situation by isolating their people. Citizens have also played an important role in this.

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