Reasons: Delhiites must avoid morning walks
Reasons: Delhiites must avoid morning walks

It is right to say that 30-40 minutes of morning walk can improve your health and change your life completely. And no wonder that a lot of people strutting on the road in the morning to start the day in a fresh manner. Well, the health may hold true for people across the world and even in most cities of India, but when it comes to Delhi people with this deteriorating weather conditions in the national capital, doctors have said that and advised Delhiites should avoid morning walks. This is due to the pollution level is at on another level and for Delhiites, morning air can have serious repercussions.

According to doctors from top hospitals, due to the concentration of PM 2.5, small hazardous particles can enter the lungs and be responsible for severe health conditions. As per the new study, air pollution has caused five lakh premature deaths across the country. The exposure to this toxic air can affect our lungs, blood, vascular system, brain, heart and even our reproduction system.

How is it affecting our body parts-

Lungs: When tiny toxic particles enter lungs, they worsen the chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and impacts lung functioning.

Blood: These tiny toxic particles pass through blood vessel walls and affects the flow. It can also cause thrombosis.

Vascular system: It can be responsible for atherosclerosis, wherein the diameter of blood vessels reduces. This condition can also cause hypertension.

Brain: Toxic air can lead to conditions like strokes and brain ischemia. It can also cause cognitive disorders and neurodegenerative illnesses.

Heart: Toxic air can adversely impact heart function and can increase heart rhythm problems.

Fertility: It impacts fertility, can make women prone to miscarriage, cause fetal growth problem, premature birth and also low birth weight.

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