Recipe of Coconut Malai Peda to relish

Oct 18 2020 08:12 PM
Recipe of Coconut Malai Peda to relish

A sweet dish with five simple ingredients to relish the taste buds is Coconut Malai Peda. It is definitely an incredibly delicious, super nutty and a perfect way to satisfy the sweet cravings!! Peda is an Indian Sub-continent small disc-shaped sweet. 

The five ingredients:

1. Milk Powder- 2 cups

2. Powdered sugar- 1/2 cup

3. Milk/Cream (Heavy whipping cream) - 1/2 cup

4. Ghee/Clarified Butter - 1/4 cup

5. Dessicated unsweetened Coconut - 1/2 cup

Saffron strands and Cardamom powder to sprinkle on top.

Method of Preparation:

- Combine milk powder, coconut, and powdered sugar in a large bowl. Knead it with the hands to combine.

- In a heavy bottomed pan, add ghee and heat. Add the above mixture. Mix it well.

- Add cream and stir well until the mixture starts to come together like dough (7-9 min) in a medium flame. Keep an eye on the pan as the mixture sticks with the bottom quickly and get burnt.

- The cooked mixture looks grainy at this point. Allow it to cool. The mixture will become firm as it cools.

- Once it get cooled, knead the dough until the consistency turns smooth.

- Grease your hands with ghee and take about a golf ball size of dough and roll it into your hands.

- Flatten the ball. Your peda is ready, repeat the process with rest of the mixture.

- Garnish with saffron strands and cardamom powder. The sweet can be used for about a week, if refrigerated.

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