Record Time! Over 40,000 Enyaq iV EVs have been delivered worldwide by Skoda

As of now despite problems like as the current global semiconductor unavailability and the pandemic, Skoda Automaker stated on Monday that it delivered 8,78,200 automobiles worldwide last year. The Czech carmaker also stated that it has delivered roughly 45,000 all-electric Enyaq iV vehicles, describing it as a "good start in the market."

The carmaker is now expecting a steady improvement in semiconductor supply in the second part of this year. Skoda is hoping to generate strong sales momentum this year with new cars such as the all-electric Enyaq Coupe iV and the Koraq. On January 31, it will reveal the new Enyaq Coupe iV.

In the midst of this Skoda CEO Thomas Schafer, the year 2021 was one of the most difficult in the company's history due to the pandemic and semiconductor shortage, which hindered the company's growth.

“Thanks to the flexibility and resourcefulness of the Skoda team, as well as the close cooperation with our social partner KOVO and suppliers, we managed to steer the company through the year successfully and deliver a respectable result. We expect the semiconductor supply situation to gradually ease in the second half of the year. I am looking ahead with confidence; we have many new products in the pipeline, including the Enyaq Coupe iV, we are experiencing very high customer demand, and we have a highly motivated team," Schafer added.

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