Red Bull RB19 DRS to rule over other rivals in F1
Red Bull RB19 DRS to rule over other rivals in F1

New Delhi:- One of the most notable characteristics of the dominant RB19 is the DRS advantage that has made Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez often unstoppable in a straight line. This is essential to producing impressive qualifying performances and allows both riders to overtake their opponents in races without too much difficulty.

While the scale of the Red Bull DRS gain sparked theories earlier in the year about having a cheat system in place to help unleash its acceleration, rivals were quick to grasp the momentum. in the game.

And rather than being something that works in the gray area of ​​the rules, the system is in fact more about how Red Bull balances out the levels of drag at the rear of the car.

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Red Bull has deliberately chosen to have a greater ratio of drag coming from the rear wing to its wing - so when the main wing opens, that means more speed. But competitors can't just copy this approach because their cars don't get the performance needed from a diffuser that allows them to trim the beam wings, which produce high downforce and drag and are invaluable tools. rack to improve rear stability.

McLaren started to push a little harder in that area and introduced a more efficient girder at the Belgian Grand Prix that they hope will change the rear bumper ratio and start unlocking more DRS gains.

But team principal Andrea Stella is clear that it will be a long process to develop the rear end as Red Bull has done over the past two seasons.

"It looks like they've been chasing this concept for a while," explained Stella when asked by Autosport if the beam approach was the key to winning the DRS.

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“So I think they can take advantage of their great experience in developing this kind of setup. I think that has become clear over time now.

"We, I think all the teams now, are trying to see what can be exploited by growing in that direction."

Aston Martin, which has a notable DRS deficit ahead of Red Bull in the early races despite being its closest rival, said it is also working in that direction to try to trigger the improvements. .

Performance Director Tom McCullough said that “I think the updates we've done to [Belgium] are really a lot along those themes.

“It's about the interaction of the whole rear of the car. If you look at the rear of the car, everything works together, whether it's the rear brake cabinet, whether it's the diffuser, whether it's the beam and the rear spoiler. "They suck everything out of the car, and obviously that's the ratio you play between those things.

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"Obviously you want stable aerodynamics, but you also want a big old switch when you open the DRS. It depends on the extent of the rear spoiler and many other factors.

"It's definitely something that we saw Red Bull come out on top early last year, they were strong with that last year and I think everyone has managed to offset that to some extent."

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Red Bull RB19's DRS system has great competition among all other cars. Red Bull has capitalized on this properly for many years and also dominated the sport and has also helped Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

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