Red crabs flooded in the streets of Australia, No place to walk

The influx of red crabs is being seen once again in Australia. In fact, crabs can be seen from roads to gardens. However, the question is where did the crabs come from? Yes, these crabs are on Australia's Christmas Island. In fact, crabs go from the rainforest to the sea every year and this is the time for them to mate and lay eggs. Yes, and there are about 65 million crabs currently on the streets of Australia. Let us tell you that these crabs remain hidden in the soil of the island throughout the year, however, as soon as the rainy season comes, they start leaving their home. At this time many videos have surfaced on social media, which are becoming increasingly viral.

You can see crabs crawling in this video. Many roads have come to a complete halt due to the crawling of these crabs. Yes, and in many places, bridges have been made to allow crabs to cross the road. Not only this, but in some places, it seems as if the Red Sea itself is flowing. On the other hand, users are talking about it on social media. He is saying how lovely these crabs are looking at.

Let us tell you that the migration of red crabs starts with the first monsoon rains. Since Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, the weather here is opposite to the Northern Hemisphere, and this is the reason why migration usually occurs in October or November. According to many reports coming out, it can happen sometimes by the end of December or January. Let us tell you that due to these crabs the roads have been completely blocked.

Here the males lead the migration of red crabs, while the females follow them. At the same time, their time and speed are not the same and their migration is determined by the phase of the moon. These crabs know exactly when to leave their home. And each female lays about one million eggs in her brood pouch, but very few of these young survive. However, every few years so many crabs emerge from the sea that their population is in balance.

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