Reel addiction causes serious health risks

If you also find that watching reels helps you pass the time, we should warn you that developing an addiction to them could be very harmful to your health. Whether they are children or elderly, then, is irrelevant. Previously, I would read or listen to the radio while riding the metro, and if I ever found a less crowded station, I would stretch my arms, legs, and neck. I used to think that I had utilised the time well after arriving at my destination, but in recent months, I have been using that time to watch films. I scrolled for an entire hour and a half without even realising it. Although I am extremely upset about this waste of my time, I am powerless to escape because of my addiction to reels. Like me, a lot of other people suffer from this addiction. Whether it be children or elders, older people are now becoming addicted to it.

What are reels and shorts?

Short videos are those under 30 seconds in length. Additionally, some videos can last up to two minutes. Short videos also include reels. The Tiktok app gave rise to the reel-making craze. People started posting all kinds of videos on Facebook and Instagram as soon as Tiktok was outlawed in India. There are numerous videos on the reels, ranging from humorous to educational to moving. People are becoming addicted to it because of this. These reels are produced by both famous and regular people. However, children and young people exhibit more craziness. Reels are the brief videos that are posted to Facebook and Instagram. "Shorts is the term used for short YouTube videos.

This addiction can become the cause of depression.

The main issue that people are experiencing as a result of this addiction is depression. The person watching the video immediately begins to contrast himself with the subject of the video. Additionally, he aspires to live and look like him, so when this does not occur, he is bound to become irate and angry. This stress eventually gives way to depression.

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