Relieve Menstrual Days problems with these effective homemade remedies

Apr 23 2019 07:15 PM
Relieve Menstrual Days problems with these effective homemade remedies

Here are the tips to cure Menstrual Pain

Nutrition intake

It is one of the major concerns in women in the present day scenario. They are not sure of what is to be consumed and what is not? With the advent of modern day fast food lifestyle they are not aware of the really healthier food stuff that can make their immune system to remain stronger and healthier always. Dysmenorrhea is called as the inflammatory state that can exist in the human body, which is not to be triggered too much with the consumption of certain food items out there. If you do so, then you are to face the suffering too.

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It is essential to avoid the refined carbohydrates in the first place. You need to consume the whole grains instead. It can be something like the following,



Brown rice




You need to eat just about 3 servings on a daily basis. Remember it is healthy food stuff that is to be taken in prompt proportions alone. Physical exercise along with such good food can make your immune system stronger and healthier by all means.

Go green

Fresh fruits and vegetables are to be consumed on a daily basis without fail. It is where you need to get the best vitamins and minerals needed for the human system. Avoid taking dairy products or lean meat items.

Vitamin A

Taking Vitamin A supplements is good for health. Carrot is rich in the vitamin. You can see remarkable changes to counter pain in the human system in that way. Estrogen levels are maintained at a higher rate when you consume vitamin A.

Magnesium and omega 6 fatty acids

Fish and some of the nuts are good enough to be consumed to increase the contents of magnesium and omega 6 fatty acids in the body, which is a best medicine to avoid cramps, pelvic pain and so on. Stick to the best diet as mentioned above and you can be able to counter pain easily in that way. Menstruation cycle can finish soon as well.

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