Remove the problem of pimples with turmeric and neem

Jan 05 2019 02:31 PM
Remove the problem of pimples with turmeric and neem

Summer brings with it  lots of trouble related to skin. Such as itching, tanning. These problems are very troubling  for you, so today we are going to tell you about some easy ways to deal with these problems. 

1-In the summer season, due to excessive sweating, there is a problem of pimples on the face. To get rid of this, mix some neem leaves and mix them with water and a little turmeric and grind it. Now put this paste on the pumpps. Wash with water after 20 minutes. 

2- Ghumoriya is a common problem in this season, when it becomes gastrointestinal, skin starts to feel very irritable. To get relief from the skin irritation, mix gulabajal in multani clay and put it in the gourd and after drying, wash with cold water. 

3-To remove the problem of tanning, rub a tomatoes and rub it on your skin. Wash with water after some time. 

4-There is abundant antibacterial properties in 4-basil. Those who work to relieve itching. To get relief from itching, boil some basil leaves of boil in water. When cooled, place it in the itching place. 

5- Due to excessive sweating, skin becomes rashes. To remove this, apply the fresh aloe vera gel on your skin before sleeping at night in the rash place. In a few days the problem of the rationage will get rid of.

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