Report: Israel's big decision after Pegasus dispute

New Delhi: Israel has decided to change its cyber export policy after a controversy over the hacking tool of the NSO company. Israel has now substantially cut the list of countries allowed to buy cyber technology.  Large tech companies, including Apple, have filed a case against the NSO. At the same time, NSO have been accused of risking their customer's data.

Where it has been revealed that the number of Countries importing Israeli Cyber Tech has come down from 102 to just 37. There are reports that Mexico, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, UAE have been completely banned from buying technology. On the case, Israel's defence ministry has said it has taken "appropriate steps" in violation of the terms of use entered in the export licence. In July, several international media institutions reported reports about NSO's Pegasus tool. It is being said to be used to hack the phones of journalists, government officials and social workers. Since then, Israel has been under a lot of pressure to control the tool. These reports led Israel to review its cyber export policy.

However, NSO had refused to talk of any wrongdoing. The company has said that they sold it only to governments and law enforcement agencies. The company also called for security measures to protect it from misuse.  This month, NSO had been trade blacklisted by U.S. authorities for selling spyware to misusing governments. NSO expressed disappointment over the U.S. decision. The company had said that its technology "supports U.S. national security interests and policies by preventing terrorism and crime.", the company said.

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