WhatsApp subscribers exceed 1 billion, report revealed

Feb 13 2020 03:08 PM
WhatsApp subscribers exceed 1 billion, report revealed

The messaging app Whatsapp (Whatsapp) has made a big announcement about its userbase. Apart from this, WhatsApp says that at present there are more than 2 billion consumers associated with its platform. At the moment, WhatsApp is still far behind Facebook in terms of consumers. At the same time, 2.4 billion subscribers are with Facebook. At the same time, WhatsApp has not yet released the Indian consumer data. The number of Indian consumers of WhatsApp reached 40 crores.

WhatsApp challenged with WeChat and Telegram
Telegram and WeChat have been continuously challenging WhatsApp. Talking about the userbase, WeChat has 1 billion subscribers in China, on the other hand, there are 300 million subscribers with Telegram. At the moment, both companies still lag behind WhatsApp in terms of the userbase.

Whatsapp journey
WhatsApp was launched in 2009. After this, there was an increase in the userbase of WhatsApp. WhatsApp's userbase grew by 50 crores in 2014 and after some time the figure had reached 60 crores. At the same time, in 2017, there were around 150 crore subscribers with WhatsApp. Now in 2020, the consumer figure has reached 2 billion.

Whatsapp blog post
WhatsApp wrote in its official blog post that we are very happy that we have 2 billion consumers associated with it. Apart from this, WhatsApp has said that in this era of technology, strong encryption is needed, so that the consumer's data will be very safe. Along with this, we have reduced the long distance between consumers by facilitating video calling and chatting through the platform.
New features of WhatsApp

Self Destructing Messages
Soon the consumer can get this update in WhatsApp. In this feature, the consumer will get the option to turn on and off the delete message feature in personal and group chats. In which the consumer has to enter the time to delete the message. The existing message will be automatically deleted at the scheduled time.

The wallpaper option in the app has been moved to a separate section 'Display'. Earlier this option was seen in the chat settings. The consumer will now have to select the display option to change the wallpaper.

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